Small, but nice.

Our team may not be that big, but we do a good job for our customers every day. This succeeds only, while we learned from the past experiences and are also open to new things.

We’re making history

The story of Das Merch cannot be told without speaking about Vresh. The fashion label was founded in 2012. This was the first step, for the second step, personal development and tough learning process was required.

2017 – the moment finally came. By Das Merch launched a new service of high quality merchandise-textiles for companies and organsiations. We produce solely in europe under fair conditions. From zero waste to direct trade. Development is our passion.

Dreamwork makes
Team work

We love to realize your ideas everyday by figuring out what’s the best for your company, your brand and the textiles.

But who is actually we? – Without a big fanfare and in all modesty:
That’s we.



The Mastermind behind Vresh and Das Merch dedicated his life to the textile industry since 2006. But producing high-qualitiy textiles with cool prints wasn’t enough: He wants to change the core of this industry and continually develops the brand. The company is for Klaus not only “work”, since the begining it’s a project of the heart. From the idea to the product it lasts only a few hours. How does he create this? That’s quite simply: There is nothing good, execpt you do it!



Since end of 2017, she provides for a 50/50 women’s rate at Das Merch and this is good in any way! As a creative freethinker she provides for a unique design and new marketing ideas. In her leisure time she supports the organisation of some art and cultural festivals and other reginal initiatives. What Michi does, she does it very well.