Our team may not be that big, but we do a good job for our customers every day. This succeeds only, while we learned from the past experiences and are also open to new things.



The story of Das Merch cannot be told without speaking about Vresh. The fashion label was founded in 2012. This was the first step, for the second step, personal development and tough learning process was required.

2017 – the moment finally came. By Das Merch. launched a new service of high quality merchandise-textiles for companies and organisations. We produce solely in europe under fair conditions. From zero waste to direct trade. Development is our passion.



We love to realize your ideas everyday by figuring out what’s the best for your company, your brand and the textiles.

But who is actually we? – Without a big fanfare and in all modesty:
That’s we.



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ransparency is an important part of our philosophy and therefore we would like
to give you an insight into who the faces behind our great products are.



About 2 years ago we got to know Nuno and since then he has fulfilled every wish when it comes to fabrics. From our classic polyester-cotton jersey over cuddly organic cotton to functional textiles made from wood fibers. In addition to fabric production Nuno is also very familiar with the topic of recycling. Together with his father, he runs a processing plant in which the scraps are collected from various companies, sorted by color and quality and then pressed into bales. Out of these bales will be wonderful new fabrics, which you will find next year in many Vresh products.



After the fabric has been made and the individual pieces cut from it for your new shirt, it’s time for some color on the shirt. That’s what Belinha, her aunt and the rest of this professional print shop take care of. Equipped with the best machines needed for screen printing & co. Hundreds of textiles are printed day after day. No matter if small detailed prints or full prints over the whole textile, there are hardly any limits.

PS: If you want to learn more about screen printing, then do not hesitate to contact us directly. From April / May we will be offering workshops in our new flagship store in the Tabakfabrik in Linz ->



Now we are on the last step created so that the fabric is a finished T-shirt or a ready-made hoodie. In tailoring, the individual parts are sewn together from the blank to form a style. With the utmost precision and a lot of tact, every single part becomes a masterpiece. Raquel, her mother and ten other busy hands work in the mountains over Fafe and make it possible for you to buy so many beautiful items from us. We are proud to be an important partner of this small business and to ensure a continuity with each order.



Anyone who wants to dress Vresh from the top to the bottom of course also needs socks. Hélder has built a fast-growing operation from his own garage and now works with standard fabrics, but also with the highest quality technical fabrics we had on our feet. From fine yarns, our socks are sewn piece by piece. In order for this to work smoothly, its technicians create a program from a simple graphic template. We are simply thrilled with this crew and look forward to many more joint projects.



Of course, to make sure your T-shirt fits properly, it has to be perfectly cut. This is ensured by, among others, José. A few years ago he started his own business and runs a small business with two employees. There, in addition to the Vresh textiles, also a lot of fabrics of the big brands are cut. With this small team we are very flexible and can rely on the accuracy and attention to detail of our partner.



Especially small motifs and logos are particularly suitable for a stick. In this case Pedro is our contact person. In his small but fine embroidery, he makes not only standard embroidery but also very special projects with sequins. In addition to our print shop we also have a competent partner for sticks with whom we can implement every style according to our wishes.



Your T-shirt is now ready before it lands in our shop, it is still tested properly. Felipe and his team wash and dry our goods with state-of-the-art industrial machinery so that you do not experience any nasty surprises after the first wash. This guarantees the highest quality and longevity for every single piece.



The process looks quite different with our jeans. For over 30 years, the family business, which the two sisters have taken over from their mother, has been producing brand jeans for many international and national labels. What we find particularly impressive is that they handle almost the entire process in their own factory. And that with unbelievable quality. They both helped us from the beginning to develop our own jeans and as you probably know, they did well.

If you want to know more about our production,
just contact us directly via PM on Facebook or write us an e-mail!


The V is for Value and this is where our journey starts. Vresh is a brand for real people. We want to do things we like and also do something good, for people and the planet.

Since 2014 every single piece was produced under fair conditions and in 2016 we even decided to only produce in the European Union. But we are not done yet, on the contrary, this is only the beginning.



The North of Portugal is famous for its high-quality fashion productions. So we decided to build a network there, where we only work with family-owned enterprises. From yarn to sewing to the finished product, every single process takes places within 50km. What is more, we pay extra a minimum of 20% to the usual price to support these local enterprises.

If you want to find our more about our production click here.



Our fabrics are locally produced in Portugal with Nuno who is also an expert in recycling fabrics. All our production waste is collected and recycled, but that’s not enough for us.

In 2019  we developed together with Nuno soft and long-lasting fabrics made out of 100% recycled material. This path we choose is sustainable clothing without sacrificing comfort. From now on we will start to produce all our products with organic or recycled materials. Our goal is to have fun, enjoy life and also reduce all our ecological footprint.



Avoiding plastics is not that easy, but we do it wherever it’s possible. We even try to reuse packaging materials, so please don’t rate our products on our packaging. For sure every order is packed with love and by hands of ourselves in our headquarters in Linz, Upper Austria.



There are many ideas to make our company even more sustainable and the number one on our list is to make it “CO2-Neutral”. If you have any ideas how to do something good, just let us know ->

Thanks for reading,

Michi, Klaus


When we founded Vresh in 2012 we had the idea of a brand, that supports local retailers and the boardsport community. After 5 years we decided to leave the boardsport sector and go more into sustainability. Our aim was to give something back to nature. The concept took quite a long time to be ready and now it’s time to publish it.



High quality is still a promise, but sustainability is a duty. Our fabric-supply Nuno is developing soft and long-lasting fabrics made out of 100% recycled material. This path we choose is sustainable clothing without sacrificing comfort.



Sustainable production is a big step into a better future, but there is more. When we created the new collection we also created a whole concept of how to dress. Every single piece matches the whole collection. Stop thinking about what to combine. It was never easier. The collection is very basic: high-quality materials, nice cuts and simple branding elements.THE COLLECTION.Based on the concept of the capsule wardrobe we try to reduce the collection to only a few pieces. More collections and pieces will follow. What is more, we design clothes for every situation. Work, fun, sports.QUESTIONS.


If you want further information about our new concept and our new collection, contact us directly here.

Michi & Klaus