Creating a strong brand


Merchandise can improve or damage your brand. Here we explain why.



We believe in merchandise because we believe in your brand. It’s that simple.

It is a daily work for Das Merch to bring textiles to the world. Fashion is a good way to express our personality. And if your team wears merch in a daily life, it is the most important form of brand identification (we are the main ambassadors of our brand, remember that). Merchandise should enhance your brand, not weaken it.


Bad merchandise is — in any case! Many of us were in a situation when you had to wear awful merch. I remember how I worked as a promoter in a white polo-shirt with a bright green logo. I  didn’t like it and was ashamed of my look. Have you ever felt the same? Such kind of merchandise harms your brand and steals your money.

I definitely never wore that polo-shirt again, not because I was not loyal to the company I worked for but because it was of poor-quality and definetely ugly. Unfortunately, that was a waste of resources.


On our website you can find some examples of good merchandise. There is a brief summary of what you should keep in mind when developing successful merch.

Think of the target audience! If you decide to produce merchandise, always remember who are those people who will wear your textiles. In what occasions?

What requirements does the textile have to meet? How does the selection of textiles match your brand? Do not worry, we’ll be happy to help you there.

But don’t forget: you are the experts of your target audience, always think about their needs.

Give your merchandise a meanining! Budgets are tight. But it’s always like this. Nevertheless, at Das Merch we always try to find individual solutions and create products tailored to every budget. You really need good design and high-quality textiles to push your brand. It depends entirely on the use of the budget!

Be sustainable – in every sense!

Merchandise is successful only if it’s worn often. Let’s work together and create clothes that we love as much as your brand. Only then merchandise makes sense. And if you want to do something good for your target audience as well as for the environment, pay attention to the materials used: we offer you sustainable options that are made from recycled materials. Interested? Contact us.