Das Merch X Circular Economy


Why the Circular Economy is a big deal for us this year and how we want to implement it for Das Merch.

Well, this year we actually started with the new intention: become more sustainable.

We tried to run a sustainable business but we haven’t always succeeded. The thing is the textile market is a highly competitive environment where the price is still crucial. Although our customers are already satisfied with the prices, we should make more  — the next step towards sustainability.

Did you know that the number the clothes produced worldwide doubled between 2000 and 2014?


When we visited our producers in Portugal last fall, we discussed our options. Therefore, we offer now merchandise textiles in 100% recycled cotton. In short, the use of recycled textiles means zero waste, no coloring necessary and no emissions in the production process. Later we found out how smart people call it: Circular Economy.



The circular economy is the counter model for our “disposable society”. The circular economy is the reuse of existing materials and products – as long as possible (reuse, repair, refurbish and recycle materials, products, and all their components). This extends their life cycle and reduces waste to a minimum.

In our case, this means that textiles are reused or fabric remnants of blanks that would be disposed of in traditional textile production are used.

An exciting explanation of the circular economy comes from the European Parliament, which has been campaigning for years for the change to the circular economy. After all, every European produces five tonnes of waste every year. 


An important part of circular economy development plays the Ellen Mac Arthur Foundation. The charity was inspired by the British sailor Ellen Mac Arthur who has devoted herself to the circular economy and its exploration after the end of her sports activities. 

The following video shows in a wonderful way what you should know about the Circular Economy:


The WWF “Changing Fashion” report from 2017 assumes that the fashion industry produces 2.1 billion tons of waste per year worldwide. It was clear that we had to take a different route. Together with Vresh, our sister company, we want to rely on recycled textiles and make textile production more sustainable.

We call on all our customers to help us with this mission: Join the Merchandise Revolution.

Let’s show together that merchandise is more successful if it’s sustainable. Let your brand to make an impact for the future. 

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