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Merchandise Revolution

Get the best merchandise you have ever had.
High-quality textiles made out of recycled clothes.
100% made in the EU.

Premium Quality at fair price

shipping directly from small family owned enterprises to you

Circular & Sustainable

strong color card with only recycled fabrics no more dyeing necessary

Made in EU

we have developed close relationships with our suppliers and can prove it

We need your support

Support us on this journey and help us to create the zero-emissions merchandise. With your order and support, we will be able to produce awesome merchandise out of recycled textiles. And the best part is that we just create the best designs ever. The moment you put on our clothing, you will see and feel the difference.

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about your brand, your employees and the way textiles are produced.

Why? We are building our own circular economy, because it’s the most sustainable way to produce clothing.
When? We already started this project in 2018 and we are still improving it.
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